1920s Leedy Black Elite Model Engraved Vintage Snare Drum : 4 x 14


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1920 Leedy Black Elite Model Snare Drum

Size : 4 x 14

Finish : Black Nickel

Outstanding 1920s Leedy Black Elite model snare in the more elusive 4x14 size. This drum is in fantastic original condition featuring a black nickel plated engraved shell outfitted with all knobby gold hardware. The drum is equipped with calf slunk heads on both the batter and resonant sides along with animal gut string, making this as close to factory original as possible. All of the tension rods are original slotted knobby gold rods. The drum also features the Speedway strainer which was first introduced in 1926. The strainer is original and works great, the only unoriginal part on this drum is the thumb screw on this strainer, however this is also brass plated so its a brighter matching finish.