1920s Leedy Professional Model Elite Snare Drum : 4 x 14


1920s Leedy Professional 'Floating Head' Model Snare Drum

Finish : Nickel over Brass

Size : 4 x 14

Here is a rare, beautiful 1920s Leedy Professional Model snare drum in a more elusive 4 x 14 brass shell. The drum features an original nickel plating finish over a brass shell. The drum is equipped with 8 nickel plated 4-point Leedy lugs, tripple flanged nickel plated hoops and original slotted tension rods. The Speedyway strainer functions very well. Like many of these, the original thumb screw to adjust the lever was lost, so a nickel plated replacement has been installed which has the same threat size as the original screw. Overall a beautiful drum.