1920s Ludwig 'All Metal' Vintage 2-Piece Brass Snare Drum : 5 x 14 **SOLD**


1920s Ludwig 'All Metal' Model Snare Drum

Finish : Nickel over Brass

Size : 5 x 14

Up on the block is a player grade 1920s Ludwig 'All Metal' snare drum featuring a 2-piece nickel over brass shell. The drum has original tube lugs and butt plate. The strainer is a newer production strainer that has adjustable mounting heights and aligns with the existing holes in the shell. Both hoops are chrome heavy-duty double flanged hoops. The clips are a mix of nickel and chrome clips along with 10 original rods up top and 10 newer production rods on the bottom. No extra holes in the shell. This is a late 20s 10-lug, 2-piece brass shell.