1920s Ludwig DeLuxe Black Beauty 'Floral 12-Point' Engraved : 5 x 14


1920s-30s Ludwig DeLuxe Model Black Beauty Snare Drum

Size : 5 x 14

Finish : Black Nickel, 12 Point Floral Engraving

Here is a stunning 1920s Ludwig DeLuxe 12-Point Floral Engraved Black Beauty snare drum in 5" x 14" size. This drum has one of the nicest examples of black nickel plating around. The brass shell has a very rich dark black plating with a strong pronounced engraving. The drum features DeLuxe Gold plating across all of the hardware, including 10 tube lugs and the Professional Strainer. The drum is equipped with newly tucked calf slunk heads stamped with the period correct ink stamps and the original gut snare string is still installed on the drum.