1920s Ludwig DeLuxe Black Beauty 'Scroll' Engraved Snare Drum : 5 x 14


1920s Ludwig DeLuxe Model Black Beauty Snare Drum

Size : 5 x 14

Finish : Black Nickel, Scroll Engraving

Here is a stunning 1920s Ludwig DeLuxe Scroll Engraved Black Beauty snare drum in 5" x 14" size. This drum is by far the nicest example of a black beauty that has come through Three On The Floor. Everything on the drum, including the DeLuxe Gold hardware plating and black nickel plating are completely original. The drum was acquired through an estate auction in the New Jersey area. The 2-piece brass shell has a very rich dark black plating with a strong pronounced scroll engraving pattern. The drum features DeLuxe Gold plating across all of the hardware, including 8 tube lugs, and P338 strainer. The drum is equipped with vintage calf slunk heads in addition to era correct gut snares.