1920s Ludwig 'Ludwigold' Super Ludwig Model Snare : 5 x 14


1920s Ludwig 'Ludwigold' Super Ludwig Model Snare

Size : 4 x 14

Finish : Stipple Gold Plating

Shortly following Ludwig's release of the 1926 "Stipel Gold"  snare drums, they redesigned the finish as this Stipel finish was not durable. Their response to this was the "Ludwigold" finish. While these two finishes were offered at an overlapping period in 1926, stipple gold was discontinued in 1927. This is a high iridescent gold finish that pops on stage! This particular drum features a 'Super Ludwig' design outfitted with gates that protect the fragile inner workings of the sensitive snare design. This drum is original and in outstanding condition!