1920s Slingerland Tone Flange Black Diamond Pearl Snare : 5 x 14


1920s Slingerland Tone Flange Model Snare Drum

Size : 5 x 14  

Finish : Black Diamond Pearl

Very rare 1920s Slingerland Tone Flange model snare in the beautiful Black Diamond Pearl finish topped off with Art Gold hardware. The drum is complete with the banjo ring which sits on top of the batter bearing edge in addition to the tone flange which reflects the design of banjos during this era. These drums were endorsed by Slingerland Artist "Frank Fancher", with some featuring a Fancher stamped badge. These Tone Flange models were made from 1928 - 1933. Excerpt from 1928 Slingerland catalog, "It rejuvenates and clarifies the tone  and staccato  notes 'pop' out like the crack of  a machine gun."