1923-25 Leedy Multi-Model 'Black Elite' Snare Drum : 4 x 14


1923-25 Leedy Multi-Model Snare Drum

Size : 4 x 14

Finish : Black Nickel 'Floral Engraving'

1923 Leedy introduced a self-aligning lug design that expanded on the tube lug. This two-point contact lug offered an encased swivel nut which moved independently of the casing, allowing for tolerance when aligning with the tension rod. The lug design was later replaced around 1925 with a design that featured 4-point contact to the shell. The drum is completely original from calf heads to the Snappy strand snares. The drum finished in beautiful black nickel over an elegant floral engraving while topped with Knobby Gold plated hardware.