1923-25 Leedy Multi-Model White Elite Snare Drum : 5 x 14


1923-25 Leedy Multi-Model Model Snare Drum

Size : 5 x 14

Finish : White Enamel

Here is an outstanding 1923-25 Leedy White Elite, Multi-Model Snare Drum outfitted in the original knobby gold hardware. This drum features the first self aligning lug design that Leedy offered after their tube lug designs. This lug included a swivel nut, which we now see commonly used even to this day, that prevent mis-aligned tension rods and stripping of the threads. The drum has all slotted gold plated tension rods, "multi-model" style hoops, Utility model strainer, gold plated heater mount, wire-wound snares and era original calf slunk heads. The plating across the entire drum is completely original, making this a very rare earlier white enamel shell.