1924-25 Leedy Black Elite Model Snare Drum : 4 x 14


1924-1925 Leedy 'Black Elite Model' Snare Drum No. 700E

Finish : Black Nickel

Size : 4 x 14

Beginning in 1895, U.G. Leedy along with his roommate, Sam Cooley, starting manufacturing percussion instruments in their apartment. By the 1920s, The Leedy Manufacturing Co. was producing some of the best built drums on the market and eventually would be label itself “The World’s Largest Drum Company”.

This particular Leedy drum features the famous Black Elite engraving that was a rival and response to the Ludwig Black Beauty snare drums offered during this era. As advertised in the Leedy catalog, "In these models of Leedy, 'Full Dress' Drums we have reproduced the intense black gloss of the Onyx in metal shells by the way of black nickel plating and in wood shells by the Duco process." The drum is in fantastic condition demonstrating all original parts plated in Knobby Gold, original Leedy calf heads, and the original black plating outfitted with an engraved shell. The drum features the Leedy "Presto" strainer which was introduced in 1924 and later replaced by the "Speedway" strainer in 1926. This is one of the cleanest Black Elite Models that have come through this collection.