1926 Ludwig Stipple Gold "Super Ludwig" : 4 x 14


1926 Ludwig Stipple Gold 'Super Ludwig' Snare

Size : 4 x 14

Finish : Stipple Gold Plating

The drum was acquired from an estate auction in IL and belonged to an individual by the name of Dean Wisleder. He owned and played this drum through school to help support his engineering degree. It seems as though he either took very good care of the drum and / or his playing didn't last very long after his studies as the drum is in great condition.

When the drum first arrived, it had 2 small areas of stipple finish missing (as is very common with this brittle finish), so the drum was sent over to Olympic drums to a small resto. They patched the areas in need and put a small color coat over the drum that is similar to the original process used back in the 20s. The results are great! Having seen the drum before and after, I can testify to their techniques. The hardware was already in miraculous condition, so after an oil bath, the drum just shines with perfection! These 4" depth model snares are far more difficult to come by than the typical 5" models. Topped with the original gut snares and calf slunk heads, this drum is a looker!