1926 Ludwig Stipple Gold 'Super Ludwig' : 5 x 14


1926 Ludwig Stipple Gold 'Super Ludwig' Snare

Size : 4 x 14

Finish : Stipple Gold Plating

Ludwig introduced a new textured gold finish in 1926 called Stipple Gold. This finish proved to be very fragile and was replaced that very same year by a more durable finish, Ludwigold. Typically these drums surface in terrible condition with the majority or all of the stipple finish missing. Many have been sprayed over with gold paint or stripped of the remaining finish.

This particular drum features a 100% original Stipple Gold finish in outstanding condition. The only area missing any finish is seen at the butt strainer assembly. All of the hardware is original "De Luxe" gold plated and the silk wound snares are still installed on the drum. The drum is outfitted with custom made Kangaroo hide heads from our friends over at Kentville Drums in Sydney, Australia.