1929-30 Leedy Broadway Parallel Model Snare Drum Brass : 5 x 14 **HOLD**


1929-30 Leedy Broadway Parallel 'Floating Head' Model Snare Drum

Finish : Nickel over Brass

Size : 5 x 14

This is a first generation Leedy Broadway Parallel model snare drum. First introduced in 1929, this new over extended snare system rivaled that of the Sensitive / Super Ludwig models in providing a next level snare sensitivity by extending the snares across the entire resonant head. This drum is in outstanding condition with all original hardware, including the complete parallel strainer assembly and snares. The shell is in great condition and retains its original nickel plating, alike all of the hardware. Slightly pressed in at the strainer attachment location, see photos. This is a great collector and playable piece alike!