1930s Gretsch Renown Model Brass Snare Drum Broadkaster : 6.5 x 14


1930s Gretsch Renown Model Brass Snare Drum

Size : 6.5 x 14

Finish : Duco-Ebony Paint

Here is a very rare 1930s Gretsch Renown Model snare drum that was a part of their Broadkaster 'all metal' drum series. The drum features a textured thin brass shell outfitted with 8 rocket style lugs and single flange hoops with clips. The drum is in good condition with no modifications to the shell. The original round badge is still installed on the drum in addition to the original butt and strainer. The original hoops that were included on these 1930s Gretsch snares were extremely soft alloy hoops that would bend under tension from the tension rods and would easily crack. The hoops currently on the drum are a very similar design (single flange) but from a later era and will not buckle under tension. The strainer functions perfectly as it should, however its worth mentioning that these older rivet style strainers need care when throwing the snares on and off. In addition, the chords are being slightly pinched at the bearing edge from the oversized metal hoops on the bottom head. Smokin drum overall that will provide a very unique vintage sound.