1930s Slingerland Tone Flange Model Vintage Snare Drum / Fancher : 7 x 14


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1930s Slingerland 'Tone Flange' Model Snare Drum

Size : 7 x 14

Finish : Natural

Available here is a great 1930s Slingerland Tone Flange snare drum, complete with the entire tone flange assembly. This model features a very rare batter side 'Flange' assembly that resembles a hub cap that sits on top of the bearing edge. This was designed to create a louder drum that projects volume more than a typical standard bearing edge. Typically these drums have to be assembled without the tone flange model considering how wide the batter side head needs to be in order to fit over the flange. At some point in this drums life, the wrap was removed, shell cleaned, and reassembled to get a more true installation and seating of the flange assembly, as it is fairly snug to the shell. The drum is equipped with original vintage calf heads on top and bottom, allowing the entire flange assembly to be installed and ready to play! The badge is a replacement 30s cloud badge and a new grommet. There is also a vent hole that also has a newly installed grommet (see photos). All of the hardware is original including nickel tube lugs, silk wire-wound snares, and nickel over brass snare clips.