1930s Slingerland Vintage Radio King Blue Silver Duco Trap Drum Kit


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1930s Slingerland Radio King Drum Kit 

Sizes : 14x28, 9x13, 16x16, (12" Chinese Tom), (5x14 Artist Snare)

Finish : Blue & Silver Duco Lacquer

A beautiful 1930s Slingerland Radio King outfit featuring the original lacquer finish across all drums including the matching Artist model snare and chinese tom tom. Details as follows : 

14 x 26 : The bass drum is in beautiful condition with original duco finish in excellent condition, showing less than average wear, all correct hardware and no major flaws. There are a number of beavertail lugs showing stress fractures on the kit, however they all properly hold tension. The hoops are original to the kit with original silver sparkle inlay, providing a nice match to the silver / blue duco. The drum also features original calf heads and in house artwork was hand applied to the resonant side head. The design was inspired by the cover of the 1928 Slingerland catalog. The drum includes original clip on spurs, an external bass muffler, hoop mounted cymbal arm, and cowbell / woodblock auxiliary mount. 

16 x 16 : The 16x16 is in beautiful condition similar to the other drums. This is an original cradle floor tom with no mounts drilled into the shell. The majority of the lugs show a range in degree of cracking, however all are still holding tension. Some of these lugs do have double sides, meaning the casings could have originally been intended for a single tension bass drum. The drum is equipped with the original calf heads.  

9 x 13 : Similar to the other drums, this tom is in very nice condition with original hardware and duco finish. There is some flaking occurring at the location wear the snare would rub against the tom. This drum is also equipped with the original calf heads.  

5 x 14 : Artist Model : The snare drum is fairly unique. This may have been added to the kit as the finish is a slightly different shade (see photos). This is an 1930s Artist model snare that features a solid shell with reinforcement rings. The drum is equipped with 10 tube lugs, 3-point strainer, internal muffler, gut string and original heads. There are around four replacement rods of a similar age. Also, the single flange hoops on this drum is slightly smaller in diameter than the oversized shell, resulting in some angled tension on the lugs when heads are installed. Please see photos. 

10" Chinese Tom : Very cool addition to this kit is the match lacquer chinese tom. This is original with tacked painted heads.

The kit also includes the original Epic blue matching bass drum pedal, and original hi hat stand.

Due to the size of these drums, shipping is available to only the domestic US 48 states.