1932-38 Leedy Broadway Parallel Model Snare Drum Brass : 6 x 14


1932-38 Leedy Broadway Parallel 'Floating Head' Model Snare Drum

Finish : Nickel over Brass

Size : 6 x 14

An outstanding 1932-38 Leedy Broadway Parallel snare drum in 6x14 size. This particular parallel system was introduced in 1932, which was the first year the box style snare strands were used. This model ran until 1938 when it was replaced by the 3rd generation of the parallel system. The drum features a heavy nickel over brass shell and all nickel hardware. The drum has newer heads and the extension lever on the strainer is a new rod that fits very well. Otherwise, everything else on the drum is the same way it walked out of the factory in the 30s. All adjustment knobs and strainer system operate smooth without any issues.