1937 Leedy Broadway Parallel Dual Model Full Dress Snare Drum : 6.5 x 14


1937 Leedy Broadway Parallel Dual Model Snare Drum

Size : 5 x 14

Finish : Full Dressed / White Marine Pearl

1937 Leedy Broadway Parallel Dual Model snare drum in the original 'Full Dress' option featuring 'Sparkling Two-Tone Diamonds' in Sparkling Gold Border With Sparkling Green Center. These Dual model snares featured a solid mahogany shell outfitted with a Parallel extended snare system on the resonant side AND a batter side internal snare system. The Full Dress option was the most fancy of a finish offered at this time. Because of this, Leedy relocated the badge (which would have been centered between lugs) to unique areas depending on the model hardware configurations. In this case, the badge was placed adjacent to the butt side of the strainer system. The drum has been equipped with newly tucked hide heads over the original wood rings, and each head features era correct hide stamps. This is very close to how it would have left the factory!