1939 WFL Twin Sensitive Hollywood Swing Model : 7 x 14


1939 WFL Twin Sensitive Hollywood Swing Snare

Size : 7 x 14

Finish : Blue and Marine Pearl

This is beautiful, rare 1939 WFL 'Twin Sensitive Hollywood Swing' model snare drum in the very elusive 'Blue and Marine Pearl' wrap. The drum is in outstanding condition with original nickel plated hardware, including zephyr lugs, triple flanged hoops and the dual twin sensitive snare throws. This design allowed for the player to have 4 different drum sounds by engaging none, one or both of the snares. Equipped on the drum are silk wire-wound snares in addition to animal gut. These drums would have been built with either the option as seen here or with a snappy strand and wire wound snares. The drum also features a very rare "Fancy Dress" finish option that sports a duco style paint gradient finish over a pearl wrap. These drums were very short lived, making one in this exceptional condition a very nice collectors piece.