1940s Leedy "The Academy Street" Model Solid Wood Snare Drum : 10 x 14


1940s Leedy 'The Academy Street" Model Snare Drum

Finish : Natural Wood

Size : 10 x 14

This is a very cool, 1940s Leedy "The Academy Street Drums" model 10x14 snare drum. This drum features, arguably, one of the most slick lug designs, the Airstream Leedy lug. The minimalist approach to this design results in a lighter weight, elegant look. The drum has been cleaned up and set up ready to play! The drum is still equipped with all original hardware (a couple of tension rods looks like other vintage designs) however the drum was received with torn calf heads.. so it is likely everything is still original. New heads sit on the shell very well. The drum still has the original silk wire-wound snares!