1950s-60s Slingerland Radio King Gold Sparkle Drum Kit : 20-12-14


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1950s-60s Slingerland Radio King Drum Kit

Sizes : 12x20, 8x12, 14x14

Finish : Gold Sparkle 

Available for sale is an awesome Slingerland Radio King kit dating between 1956-1969. The kit consists of all original gold sparkle wrapped drums and the individual details are as follows :

12x20 : The bass drum and 8x12" tom are both factory family original drums that were a part of the "New 2N Jobbing Outfit" that was a more compact outfit for easy of travel. The bass drum is outfitted with all nickel hardware, including a flat rail, straight rods (These are original, this outfit did not have T-rods) and original hoops with Gold Glass inlay, while the wrap on the shell is a gold sparkle. The hoops are single play bent hoops. At some point, one had cracked and was professionally clamped and repaired. The black paint was touched up at this location and there is about 2" of inlay missing at the inlay joint. However, these is hidden under the adjacent claw, as seen in the detail photos. This drum packs an awesome deep punch, by the way! The drum is equipped with the original Radio King calf resonant head. 

8x12: Sibling to the bass drum, the 12" tom is outfitted with all nickel hardware as well and is drilled for the mount that would have been used to mount to the bass drum. The mount was removed and the bolts from the mount were installed back in the proper holes. The drum is wrapped in Gold Glass, which matches the inlay on the bass drum. This was a transition time for Slingerland, thus sparkle and glass was both on hand. The drum is in outstanding original condition with no modifications.

14x14 : The floor tom was added on to the kit later, however is an excellent match to the color of both the 12" tom and bass drum. The 14" dates to the mid 1960s and features the original gold sparkle wrap. The hardware is all original to the drum and chrome plated. The drum in fantastic condition as well without any modifications or significant issues.