1951 Gretsch 'Max Roach' Model Snare Drum Black Diamond : 4 x 14


1951 Gretsch 'Max Roach' Model Snare Drum

Size : 4 x 14  

Finish : Black Diamond Pearl

1951 Gretsch 'Max Roach' Model 4x14 Snare in the original Black Diamond Pearl wrap.

These were the original 'Progressive Jazz' snare drums. Featuring the Max Roach name plate, this is a 3-ply snare equipped with Gladstone single point contact lugs and a 'Feather Touch' strainer retaining its original guard plate. This drum came to us with an incorrect replaced round badge. Commonly, these badges would fall out due to loose grommets. A correct badge was located and carefully placed into the shell. Please see photos. The drum is in excellent condition. There are NO modifications or issues. The bearing edges are in fantastic condition and the wrap has nearly zero fade!