1958 Gretsch Harlequin 'Semi-Pro' Outfit Vintage Drum Kit **SOLD**


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1958 Gretsch Harlequin 'Semi-Pro' Outfit

Finish : Two-Tone Lacquer

Sizes : 6.5 x 14, 14 x 22

This is an outstanding 1958 Gretsch 'Harlequin' Model outfit with original two-tone black and red lacquered 3-ply shells! The drums are in excellent condition with no modifications or damage to the shells. The bass drum features all original parts, complete inlay including tacks and a newer logo batter head. The snare is in great condition, similar to the bass drum, and still retains its original strainer, butt plate and snare strands. The hoops were changed to die-cast hoops and new tension rods were installed on the drum. From the 1958 catalog : 

"Here's a sensible outfit for the part-time professional or the serious drum student. All the basic instruments and accessories are included. In good solid quality and true professional model, too, giving you a sound base to build on when your professional work on musical progress require additional equipment. Pictured here in polished, two-tone Chinese Red-and-Ebony lacquer in harlequin pattern. Also furnished in solid lacquer colors."