1960s Gretsch 'Name Band' Outfit Vintage Drum Kit WMP : 22 13 16 **SOLD**


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1960s Gretsch 'Name Band' Drum Kit

Size : 14x22, 9x13, 16x16

Finish : White Marine Pearl

Here is a nice 1960s Gretsch 'Name Band' drum kit in original White Marine Pearl wrap. The kit is in very good player condition with no extra holes or significant issues. The drum kit was assembled from a factory family 22" and 13" drums that are late 50s / early 60s 3-ply shells along with a mid 60s 16" floor tom with a 6-ply shell. The individual drum descriptions are as follows : 

14x22 : The bass drum is in great condition with original wrap, bearing edges, and original silver painted interiors.The bass drum hoops retain the original inlay and black paint. The hardware is original and working well on the kit. The badge was replaced with a newer similar badge and the threads on the top cymbal mount were widened, thus a bolt is now used to adjust this location (see photos). The rail consolette works very well, holding the tom tight without issue. Otherwise, all of the hardware is original and in very nice condition with mild/average pitting and wear. The wrap is free of any cracks or issues.

16x16 : The floor tom is in very nice condition with original hardware with mild/average pitting and wear, and original White Marine Pearl wrap. The diecast hoops are original 60s gretsch hoops and the floor tom legs are also correct Gretsch legs. The interiors match the rest of the kit with the factory silver sealer paint. There are two very small splits in the wrap, one being right above one of the diamond leg mounts. This also protrudes past the mount a fraction of an inch. The other being at the batter side muffler, as seen in photos. The drum is very nice otherwise. 

9x13 : The rack tom is in great condition with no modifications and equipped with stick chopper Gretsch hoops. The wrap is all original with no issues and the hardware is also all original to the drum with mild/average pitting and wear.