1960s Ludwig New Yorker Super Classic Kit : 22 13 16 **SOLD**


1960s Ludwig New Yorker Super Classic

Size : 12x22, 9x13, 16x16

Finish : White Marine Pearl

On the block is a beautiful 1960s Ludwig Super Classic outfit featuring the New Yorker bass drum. This kit is absolutely gorgeous and original with no modifications or issues. The toms are a factory pair dating to 1969 while the bass drum dates to 1962. Fortunately the entire kit matches perfectly in color and condition.

8x13 : Dating to 1969, the tom is in great condition with original White Marine Pearl warp, natural wood interiors and all original chrome hardware. The seam is strong and bearing edges are factory original. This drum was original positioned along side a 12" tom on a Hollywood outfit which is shown by the keystone badge and mount placement.

16x16 : Like the 13" tom, the floor tom dates to 1969 and features natural interiors, original White Marine Pearl wrap in excellent condition with no problems.

12x22 : A very rare 1962 'New Yorker' model bass drum with original White Marine Pearl wrap, beautiful chrome plated hardware including a consolette rail, telescoping cymbal arm and white painted interior. The hoops have 100% of the inlay with the original stable butt seams and original black paint.