1960s Ludwig Super Classic Drum Kit : Oyster Black Pearl : 22 13 16


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1966/7 Ludwig Super Classic Drum Kit

Size : 14x22, 9x13, 16x16

Finish : Oyster Black Pearl

Up on the block is a beautiful 1960s Ludwig Super Classic outfit drum kit in the original Oyster Black Pearl. The kit is an assembly of near year pieces in very good player condition. Individual details as follows : 
14x22 : (413XXX) : 1966
The bass drum is in very nice condition with original hardware, including a consolette rail mount, folding spurs and 10 lugs / rods per side. The drum has original interior white paint with a faint date stamp. The wrap is all original black oyster, including full strips of inlay! The hoops also sport the original black paint. There is a repair on one of the lugs where the lug was pushed into the shell. This area has been repair and the lug sits flush with the shell (please see photos). The consolette rail is in good condition. Slight slip at the tom clip with force to spin the tom. This can be bent to create a tighter grip. The drum is free of any modifications outside of this. 
16x16 : (536XXX) : 1967
The floor tom is in nice player condition. The interior ply of the drum was repainted at some point as it seems the interior ply delaminated in certain areas creating slide bubbling (only on the interior). The drum is beautiful from the exterior with no signs of issues. The wrap is original Oyster Black Pearl in great condition. All of the hardware is also original to the drum. 
9x13 : (265XXX) : 1966
The rack tom is in great condition with no structural or cosmetic issues. Original Oyster Black Pearl wrap, original white painted interiors and all original hardware.