1961 Gretsch Anniversary Sparkle 'Bop' Outfit & Floor Show Model Snare


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1961Gretsch ‘Bop’ Outfit Drum Kit

Size : 14x22, 9x13, 16x16

Finish : Anniversary Sparkle Pearl

Here is a really hot 1961 Gretsch Anniversary Sparkle catalogued “BOP” outfit. The kit is in excellent condition and is topped off with a matching 6.5x14 Floor Show model snare drum. The original “Anniversary Sparkle Pearl” is in beautiful condition with the original factory silver painted bass drum hoops to add some flair! 

14x22 : The bass drum is in beautiful condition with original wrap and hardware. The shell is also in great condition with original edges, interior paint and hardware. Aside from minor scratches and nicks, the wrap is free of any cracks or significant damage. The hoops have full inlay with butt joint areas sitting under lugs and the drum is trimmed with factory original silver painted hoops. 

16x16 : The floor tom is in also in great condition with original wrap, bearing edges, and original silver painted interiors. The wrap is free from cracks. Great drum. 

9x13 : The high tom is also in beautiful condition with original wrap, bearing edges, original silver painted interiors and hardware. The bottom hoop has some areas that are rough (see photos). No cracks in that wrap or issues with the shell. Beautiful drum.

6.5x14 Floor Show : The Floor Show model snare in anniversary sparkle is surely not common. The drum is absolutely beautiful and really compliments the kit. The anniversary wrap is in beautiful condition showing no cracks. The hardware is also in great condition. The interior of the shell was refinished with silver sealer. The edges are in great condition and the muffler and throw work very well.