1964 Rogers 'Swingtime Outfit' Vintage Drum Kit Cleveland : 20-12-14


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1964 Rogers 'Swingtime Outfit' Drum Kit

Sizes : 14x20, 8x12, 14x14

Finish : Blue Sparkle

Available for sale is an awesome Rogers 'Swingtime Outfit' dating to 1964. The kit consists of an original factory family 20-12-14.

14x20 : The bass drum is in great condition with original Blue Sparkle wrap, strong seams, and original flat grey interior. The hoops retain their original black paint and each have a full set of inlay, free from any cracks or issues. The bearing edges are factory sharp and the hardware has very strong chrome. One of the collets has a very slightly loose ear but nothing that affects playability or setup. 

8x12: The 8x12 tom is also in great condition with all original hardware, beautiful Blue Sparkle wrap and factory original interior.

14x14 : Similar to the other drums, the floor tom is in great condition with original wrap. The hardware is in great condition and all original to the drum. 

Aside from a few very minor scratches, this kit is perfect collector condition and player! Nothing quite sounds as great as these early 60s Rogers drums.