1964 Slingerland 'Modern Jazz Outfit' Vintage Drum Kit WMP : 20-12-14


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1964 Slingerland 'Modern Jazz' Drum Kit

Sizes : 14x20, 8x12, 14x14

Finish : White Marine Pearl

Available for sale is an awesome Slingerland 'Modern Jazz Outfit No. 9N' dating to 1964. The kit consists of an original factory family 20-12-14.

14x20 : The bass drum is in great condition with original White Marine Pearl wrap, strong seams, and original natural interior. The hoops retain their original black paint and each have a full set of inlay, free from any cracks or issues. The bass drum spurs are heavy duty steel tubes with retracting rubber feet, a heavier duty leg than the originals. The bass drum has a Niles black / gold badge and is the only drum with a badge, typical of this era Slingerland. 

8x12: The 8x12 tom is also in great condition with all original hardware and beautiful WMP wrap, free of any issues. The diamond plate seems to be nickel plated while the rest of the hardware is chrome. 

14x14 : Similar to the other drums, the floor tom is in great condition with original wrap. The tom leg mounts have small wing screws the set a metal angle bracket within the casing to hold the legs. This doesn't seem to be the original mounting parts for the leg brackets (which leave the legs slightly loose, however do hold),  no modifications were made to the shell as these are the original casings.  however this holds the legs without any issues.