1965 Ludwig Super Classic WMP Keystone Drum Kit - 22 13 16


1965 Ludwig Super Classic Drum Kit

Sizes : 14x22, 9x13, 16x16

Finish : White Marine Pearl 

Here is a beautiful 1965 Ludwig Super Classic Model Drum kit in the original White Marine Pearl wrap. The drums are a factory original family and in fantastic condition. The individual drum descriptions as follows :

14x22 : The bass drum is in great condition with no extra holes or modifications. The hoops area a royal blue color which was offered on Ludwig drums in the 60s. The blue is lightly lighter than examples seen in the past, however the inlay retains staple butt joints, so if this was repainted, it was done very well. Either way, it sure looks really nice on the drums! All of the hardware is in great condition with minor pitting and wear. The bass spurs are worn and can be tough to get to hold depending on where they are set.

9x13: The rack tom is in great condition with no modifications. Similar to the other drums, the wrap is in great condition with minimal scuffs and wear. Original white painted interiors, very nice hardware and chrome over brass hoops. The front of the drum has some yellowing to the left of the badge (Please see photos)

16x16 : The floor tom is in great condition. Original white painted interiors, chrome over brass hoops, and minimal wear, the drum matches the rest of the kit very well.