1966 Ludwig Oyster Black Pearl Jazz Festival Snare Drum Vintage Keystone: 5 x 14


1966 Ludwig Jazz Festival Snare Drum

Size : 5 x 14

Finish : Oyster Black Pearl

Available for grabs, an original 1966 Ludwig Jazz Festival snare drum in the highly desired Oyster Black Pearl wrap. The drum is in very nice condition with a nearly perfect shell, free of any modifications. The wrap is all original, tucking into the scarf joint and free of any cracks! The hardware is all original to the drum, and all chrome plated. Two of the tension rods are slightly longer than the other, however still 60s Ludwig correct. The snare strands are in good condition. The resonant hoop is ever so slightly out of round, however sits on the drum and tunes without issue. The badge has slightly lifted in the corners, please see photos. The wrap is in very nice condition with a very mild aging across the entire shell. This is in better condition than typical. These continue to increase in value!