1966 Rogers Holiday 'Swingtime' Model Drum Kit : Blue Sparkle : 20 12 16


1966 Rogers Holiday Drum Kit

Sizes : 14x20, 8x12, 16x16

Finish : Blue Sparkle Pearl

Up on the block is a beautiful 1966 Rogers Holiday 'Swingtime' Model Drum kit in the original Blue Sparkle Pearl wrap. The drums are in outstanding condition and the individual drum descriptions as follows :

14x20 : The bass drum is in great condition with no extra holes or modifications. The hoops retain their original blue sparkle inlay and original factory black paint finish. Original flat grey interiors, unmodified bearing edges and clean hardware. The wrap is in outstanding condition with no cracks or significant issues. The hex tom arm is also in great condition with beautiful chrome and one set pin. 

8x12: The rack tom is in great condition with no modifications. The wrap is all original with no cracks or issues and matches the rest of the kit perfectly, as the entire kit is an original factory family. The drum also has original flat grey interior.

16x16 : Like the other drums, this is an original factory family floor tom with no modifications or issues with the drum. The hardware is in great condition with minimal pitting on the hardware and wear. The wrap is very clean without any cracks or issues and the interior retains its original flat grey paint.